SWT Storage Systems

We have storage servers and storage arrays in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U formfactors.

SWT Storage Servers

SWT Storage Servers are complete server systems with built-in storage expansion capacity for up to 48TB drive space without any external storage box attached.

When more space is needed, select the E series cases (826E, 836E, 846E and 847E) that have built-in SAS expander on the drive backplane. Then our Storage Arrays can be attached to these Storage Servers, for over a Petabyte of drive space per server.

CPU Type Form factor
UP Xeon E-2100 2U 3U 4U
UP Xeon E5-2600/1600 2U 3U 4U
Dual Xeon 1U 2U 3U, 3U NVMe 4U
UP Epyc 2U, 2U NVMe 3U 4U
Dual Opteron 2U 3U 4U

SWT Storage Arrays

SWT Storage Arrays are standalone drive enclosures that connect to server hosts such as SWT Storage Servers. These arrays can be cascaded together to provide massive storage expansion.

Our Storage Arrays use the same class of hardware components found in the top tier storage vendors, compatible with open industry standards.
Drive typeForm Factor
2.5" drives 1U 2U
3.5" drives 2U 3U 4U