These are our 2U storage arrays with 36 port SAS expander backplane, 24 hotswap 2.5" SAS/SATA drive bays, reduandant 900W power supply, an external SAS cable (SFF-8088 to SFF-8088), and two SFF-8088 external SAS input/output ports.

One of the SFF-8088 external SAS ports connects to a host such as our Storage Server systems or another upstream Storage Array in a daisy-chain configuration, and the other SFF-8088 external SAS port can connect to a downstream Storage Array in a daisy-chain configuration.

Multiple Storage Arrays can be daisy-chained up to the limit of the number of SAS/SATA devices supported by the host SAS/SATA RAID controller.

Please note the drives in the Storage Array must be all SAS, or all SATA.

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SWT 2U Storage Array 2.5

2U Storage Array 2.5: $1599.00

Specs Supermicro SC216E1-R900LPB 2U case, redundant 900W, 24 bays, rail kit
Power control board for SC216
SFF-8088 external SAS port for output to host or upstream Storage Array
SFF-8088 external SAS port for input from downstream Storage Array
Three year return to depot warranty