Frequently Asked Questions

What are the passwords?


On Debian, Fedora, SuSE and Redhat installations, the initial password for root user is root123. There's also a regular user, with login name user1, and full name SWT User. The password for user1 is user123.

For Ubuntu, there's a user1 account as above. But direct root login is disabled. You can login as user1 with password user123, and then use sudo to set a password for root to enable direct root login.

IMPORTANT: please change the passwords once you receive the machine.


On machines with RAID management software installed for managing RAID controller, here's the password information:

For LSI and Adaptec management software, login as a system user with the system credentials. Either root and regular user can login but root is needed for admin work.

For 3ware's software, the password for the admin user is 3ware.

For Areca, the password is 0000.


On machines with IPMI support, there's a dedicated network port for IPMI. Please connect that port to your network before connecting the power to the machine -- the IPMI engine will look for an IP address as soon as the power is connected. If you don't have a DHCP server assigning IP addresses, the IPMI IP address can be configured in the motherboard BIOS. Please refer to the motherboard manual on this.

Once the IPMI has an IP address, then you can manage the machine via a Java enaled web brower by visiting the address http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_IPMI with username ADMIN and password ADMIN.